Keeping Fruits and Veggies Fresher, Longer

How to keep fruits and veggies fresh

I, probably like you, have been experimenting with many different recipes these days that take advantage of what I have in my pantry. Cooking with our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) cooking oils has been a regular activity. And, trying some of our many finishing EVOOs on the same dishes, has been a delight to discern the differences of each EVOO.

Going beyond the pantry, however, I find I crave those fresh veggies. In an attempt to limit visits to the grocery store during these coronavirus (COVID-19) days, I find that I am now looking for the best ways to keep my perishables fresher, longer. Adding a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to any dish will brighten it, but starting with the freshest foods is important. To save you time, I found some interesting reference materials on the topic of fresh food storage options. Hope they help you, too.

From the nice people at stopwaste, I found this helpful guide -

We met the great team of FoodPrint at the Slow Food Nations event last summer. They have all kinds of information on food waste in the household, and out. A few stats that were interesting, include spoilage, over-preparing, date label confusion, overbuying and poor planning. Some things to think about.

Lots to learn in this video from Home and Garden for Mere Mortals...This couple from eatmoverest go beyond fruit and veggies, including tips on grains, nuts and seeds. I do what they do, mostly, but actually try to keep nuts stored in the fridge and freezer.

Hope that helps you with your food storage. I know I learned quite a bit. When cooking your favorite recipes, be sure to use the finest extra virgin olive oils to complement their fresh taste! Find EVOOs on sale now at Olioveto.

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