The Art of the Tasting

Olioveto: The Art of the Tasting
Not unlike wine tasting, olive oil tasting deserves some attention to ensure you are consuming the finest quality oil. So, take your favorite brands of olive oil and...
  1. First, pour a tablespoon or two of extra virgin olive oil into a small glass.
  2. Cup the glass in your hands and swirl the oil gently to release aromas. As you swirl, you should be sure to allow the oil to warm in the process.
  3. Now it is time to breathe in the aromas. Stick your nose in the glass and inhale deeply.
  4. Then slurp the oil to bring in air while tasting the oil.
  5. Now swallow the oil and taste it as it slowly goes down the back of your throat.
  6. Ahh, pause to breathe in the full flavor from start to finish. And, assess. How did it taste? Was it peppery, earthy, etc.? It should taste clean and fresh.
  7. Cleanse your palate with a lovely bread—we prefer bread from Blue Grouse Bread in Norwood, Colorado.
  8. Start again on the next round... and let us know what you find is best for you!

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