Trespaldum - OLIOVETO
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Trespaldum’s Oleificio was founded in 2006 in the green, rolling hills of Mafalda, a small town in Molise, Italy, by committed young entrepreneurs. Their passion and focus is modern, organic olive cultivation that respects the past and the environment. Trespaldum also is slowly recovering abandoned olive groves, and as part of this work, rediscovered a unique and ancient local olive cultivar, Gentile Mafalda, that has been received with great acclaim.


Trespaldum mills their olives in a modern, low-temperature mill that runs on 100% renewable energy. They bring the same passion to their milling practices as they do to their olive orchards, and their passion is evident in their award-winning Gentile Mafalda monocultivar olive oil.

Products from TRESPALDUM