Trappeto di Caprafico - OLIOVETO
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Trappeto di Caprafico

Trappeto di Caprafico


The 3500 olive trees of Trapetto di Caprafico, are located in a pristine part of Abruzzo, Italy, near Maiella National Park at an altitude of 1300 feet. The property is in a microclimate, shielded by the Maiella mountains, which create an ideal location for their trees.


Tommaso Masciantonio and his family, owners of Trappeto di Caprafico, have been producing premium olive oil from single cultivars for more than a century, and the estate has been certified organic since 2004. In 2015, the highly respected Gambero Rosso named them the best olive oil producer in Italy, which also awarded their organic Intosso monocultivar oil with its highest rating: 3 leaves. Their Intosso has won numerous prestigious awards in olive oil competitions around the world.


For the Masciantonio family, their olive oil represents the bonds of their big family and shows their continuing commitment to excellence.

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