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The first traces of Pacina date back to 900 — what today is a winery and a farmhouse was a convent a thousand years ago.

Giovanna Tiezzi’s father bought this magical property in Tuscany because he was passionate about nature. Now Giovanna and her husband, Stefano, are the custodians of this unique and historic place. Pacina has 1800 olive trees, a mix of Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo, which produce an intense, fruity EVOO blend with strong notes of tomato leaf and artichoke. In true Tuscan tradition, the oil is stored in terra cotta jars until it is bottled for sale. Each bottle of Pacina oil from Olioveto has been specially bottled for you. In addition to oil, Pacina produces an excellent natural wine, as well as lentils, farro and chickpeas. As Giovanna’s mother, Lucia Carli, writes:

Love is reconnection … with oneself … with creatures … with life … with everything.

Pacina oil is not just oil … it is history and magic.

Products from PACINA

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