Oro di Rufolo - OLIOVETO
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oro di rufolo

Oro di Rufolo

In the XIIIth century, Mr Nicola Rufolo, who was born in Ravello, built an architectonical masterpiece of fortified farm, not so far from Giovinazzo, where the “liquid gold” was produced.


This famous example of  ancient farm is still intact and  it is proof of the importance that olive oil had in these territories.


Now, as it was also in the past, the oil-harvest and the oil-pressing are important events for entire families that wait the entire year in anticipation of this moment. As per tradition, they join these events with enthusiasm and happiness. The modern techniques make the oil-harvest and production faster, but the thing which stays unchanged is the full attention to optimize the oil production in order to improve the quality of  those precious gold drops and their important characteristics.


Today, three farmers have came together to deliver extra virgin olive oil with honesty and respect. They were unified in their purpose and desire to create, develop and enhance the resources of the territory. They were three souls, three thoughts and three different hearts. But they were determined and united in one goal, to deliver only, and always, quality EVOOs.


Many have left the farms to look for professional satisfaction elsewhere, they  decided to stay in Giovinazzo, in the wonderful Puglia, Italy. This sunny, strong and generous land is guardian to the priceless heritage and olive trees, which have always been part of it. Defying the heat, the rain, the cold and the many adversities, they always pay maximum attention to their trees because they are their history, they breathe the air and they are the color palette that artists use to paint a unique and extraordinary landscape. These roots hold our farmers from Torre Rufolo firmly in their land and their traditions. They give their olive trees new life by using new tools and new knowledge.


Oro di Rufolo is located in the historic RUFOLO district of Puglia, Italy. The name they have chosen for their brand is dedicated to the ancient fortified farmhouse Torre Rufolo where the olive oil was produced since 1200.


With the help of the latest technologies, they collect the precious fruits to transform them into a masterpiece that comes from the concept of balance between natural elements and the hand of man.


While they produce their oil, they do not allow for distractions or errors. Their  attention is at the maximum – a whole year of work is at stake and it cannot be frustrated in a few hours. For them, every detail makes big differences. In every drop, they want you to find all the taste and scents of what comes from nature. The value of their oil is in its content, made of people who proudly work, driven by a great passion and infinite enthusiasm, thinking of you that you will use their oil, your satisfaction, your well-being and your health, they want to give you only the best.

Products from Oro di Rufolo

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