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Olio Infiore Coratina

Olio Infiore


Tommaso and Angela are siblings who came home to Puglia after many years spent away. The change was not a quick decision. They had been talking about it for a long time, but last spring, they were ready to move back home to take over the running of the olive orchards inherited from their father. They decided to produce an olive oil that they could be proud of.  Tommaso took over the running of his father’s lands – which has left him breathless. Angela returned home for good, after years of visiting at every chance. She has begun the process of qualifying as a professional olive oil taster and dedicates herself to making a first-rate product, with her brother. This is a culmination of years of dreaming, that has finally come true.


With one of them in Bologna and the other in Livorno, they began a course of study focusing on the most advanced techniques for olive cultivation, production and transformation. They have a history and a tradition of olive oil production, but are also at ease with innovation. They were most interested in putting who they are into what they do, and to love what they do. They come from a farming family, but did not consider themselves farmers – maybe, until now.


The olives used in the production of infiore Olive Oil are grown over six olive orchards, which are scattered among the farmland surrounding the villages of Bitonto and Terlizzi, to the north of Bari, the capital city of the Italian region of Puglia. Some of these orchards have splendidly evocative names, such as Belvedere (“Beautiful to Behold”), Torre di Regno (“Kingdom’s Tower”) and Conca d’Oro (“Golden Hollow”).


Infiore Oil is born from a single variety of olive, the Coratina, which is typical of this area of Puglia. Their father chose to plant this olive variety because the Coratina tree, despite its not being particularly large, is extremely vigorous and adaptable: it can withstand high temperatures, droughts and parasites, and will grow even in difficult rocky or chalky soils.


The tree’s foliage is made up of green and silver lance-shaped leaves, sprouting from short, thin, upright branches. Their olives are elliptical in shape, medium-large in size and are marked small lenticels of a slightly clearer green than that of the rest of the fruit.


The harvest takes place when the olives are just starting to ripen; that is, when the outer color of the olives is beginning to turn from intense green to violet. This moment is chosen for harvesting and pressing in order to preserve the high concentrations of polyphenols and outstanding organoleptic properties characteristic of this olive variety.


Their olives are usually picked over the course of few days between the end of October and the beginning of November. Within six hours of harvesting, the olives are pressed at the mill of one of their trusted partners.


The resulting infiore Oil, of a warm, intense green colour, is then filtered, before being bottled and package into bottles.


This year, Olioveto offers Olio Infiore EVOO, which is a mono-cultivar from the Corotina olive. See more here.

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Olio Infiore Coratina