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Giacomo Nieddu Bosana
Giacomo Nieddu Bosana
Giacomo Nieddu Bosana

Azienda Agricola Giacomo Nieddu


Azienda Agricola Giacomo Nieddu is located in Bolotana, in the heart of the beautiful island of Sardinia. This farm has been around for three generations. The company has been taking care of all stages of olive production with dedication and attention to ensure the highest quality of the fruit at the time of harvest.


The company is family-managed, farming both olives for olive oil and nomadic beekeeping. Giacomo started the farm in 2017 with a few centenary olive trees. His family worked on recovering and returning abandoned plants and olive groves, now numbering 2500 olive trees.


The field work is carried out manually, from pruning to harvesting, in a hilly area characterized by steep slopes with dry stone masonry terraces. The growing practices can be defined as “heroic” olive growing. The transformation of the products is entrusted to master millers who are able to obtain the highest quality from raw materials thanks to cutting-edge technologies and techniques in the extraction phase.


Bolotana is a small village that stands on granite hills dominated by the Marghine mountain range, an environment with multifaceted landscapes with its forests, olive groves, springs and various streams. The olive groves are located in a band ranging from 300 to 700 meters above sea level on granite soils, which enjoy optimal exposure to the sun and atmosphere. The surrounding area is dotted with archaeological sites, evidence of the presence of man in the area since prehistoric times.


Terracuza is the ancient name of a very fine clay that can be found where the springs of water, the source of life, are born. Terracuza means discovering, interacting, predicting, uniting, conserving, protecting, digging deeply into one’s roots, going through one’s own culture and not being superficial.


Terracuza was born from an idea that expresses a minimal, unique and innovative concept with the aim of reviving an ancestral experience in a contemporary way. The symbol embraces images belonging to the culture of the Nuragic civilization, female and male divinities that intertwine art, sounds and traditions in a land of ancient charm.


“Terracuza is a living stream that resounds in the soul of an ancient land”

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Giacomo Nieddu Bosana