Fattoria Ramerino - OLIOVETO
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Fattoria Ramerino
Fattoria Ramerino
Fattoria Ramerino

Fattoria Ramerino

In the hills south of Florence lies the farm – Fattoria Ramerino. There are 5,500 olive trees over 50 hectares of land. They grow the typical varieties of olives from the Tuscany region: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, etc. This organic farm, they harvest from late October, throughout the month of November. The olives are milled within 12 hours of harvest. This farmer has high standards for growing, harvesting and milling – each that contribute to producing an excellent EVOO. The oil is stored at a temperature that is constant, at around 14-18 °C. The oil is bottled on the farm and marketed with 5 labels, Olive varieties IGP Tuscan hills of Florence, Guadagnolo Primus, Guadagnolo Dulcis, Cultivar Frantoio and Cultivar Moraiolo. We are currently selling their Frantoio cultivar olive oil. It is award winning and a Leone d’Oro Selection.

Other Awards and Honors for this farmer include: 

Italian National Competitions:
– National Competition ‘Ercole Olivario’ 2015: Premium List ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’
– National Competition ‘L’Oro D’Italia’ 2015 : Excellence honors 5 drops type blend ‘Guadagnolo Primus’
– National Competition ‘Montiferru’ 2015 : 1° Organic Award ‘Cultivar Frantoio’, Menzione d’Onore ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’
– XXVII Edizione Festambiente Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil 2015:2° Place, cat. Medium Fruity ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– XII National Review monocultivar Italian Oils 2015 : ‘Cultivar Frantoio’ point 7,9


National and International Guides:
– Terred’Olio 2015 : Selected in the guide with the Crown Maestrod’Olio ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– Gambero Rosso 2015 : 3 leaves ‘Guadagnolo Primus’, 2 leaves ‘Cultivar Frantoio’ and ‘Guadagnòlo Dulcis’
– Slow Food 2015 :selected in guide all extra virgin olive oils (Guadagnòlo Primus, Guadagnòlo Dulcis e Cultivar Frantoio)
– Merum 2015 : selected in guide all extra virgin olive oils, 2 hearts ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’, 2 hearts ‘Cultivar Frantoio’, 1 heart ‘Guadagnòlo Dulcis’
– Flos Olei 2015 : 95/100 Producer Top 20 with ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’ (Olio 2014)
– Bibenda 2015 (April) : Guadagnòlo Primus, 5 drops


International Competitions:
– International Competition Biol 2015 : Biol Tuscany ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’ Extragold Medal, ‘Cultivar Frantoio’ e ‘Guadagnòlo Dulcis’ Gold Medal
– International Competition ‘L’Oro del Mediterraneo’ 2015 : ‘Lode di Eccellenza’ 5 drops type blend, Medium Fruity ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’, 4 drops monocultivar, Medium Fruity ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– International Competition’Monocultivar Olive Oil Bio’ 2015 : Top Class, points 8,7/10 oil ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– International Competition ‘Los Angeles International Olive Oil Contest’ 2015 : Gold Medal, Medium Fruity ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’, Silver Medal, Medium Fruity ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– International Competition ‘Olive D’Or’ 2015 : Bronze Award, Medium Fruity, ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’
– International Competition ‘Il Magnifico’ 2015 : Produttore Finalista, Silver Medal ‘Cultivar Frantoio’
– International Competition ‘JOOP’ Japan Olive Oil Prize 2015 : Bronze Award, Intense Fruity, ‘Guadagnòlo Primus’

Products from Fattoria Ramerino

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