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cosmo di russo
Cosmo di Russo
Cosmo di Russo

Cosmo di Russo


The history of olive growers of the Cosmo Di Russo family has a long and charming history of times gone by.  The tradition began with Cosmo’s great-great grandfather and then with his great-grandfather who, at the end of the 19th century, bought an olive grove in the Rave Revozze area of Gaeta, Italy.


In 2008, after completing his studies in Law, Cosmo decided to found his farm with the help of his father Pasquale and his brother Elio, driven by love for his land and the family’s olive trees.


Today he continues his entrepreneurial adventure with enthusiasm and conviction, with increasingly important results. His work and the quality of his products have allowed him to win important national and international awards, such as SOL D’ORO and FLOS OLEI.


They are driven by their passion, offering the greatest synthesis of  their knowledge, experience and determination to achieving their goals,  gained over years of dedication working in the olive groves of Itri and Gaeta.


The final product we offer is the synthesis of our knowledge, gained over years of dedication to work in the olive groves of Itri and Gaeta.


This year, Olioveto offers Cosmo di Russo’s “Caieta” EVOO, which is a mono-cultivar from the Itrana olive. See more here.

Products from Cosmo di Russo

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