Apicoltura di fiore in fiore Paola Ripesi, our Bee Whisperer - OLIOVETO
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Apicoltura di fiore in fiore
Paola Ripesi, our Bee Whisperer


Paola was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful Italian countryside, chasing bees in the flowering meadows. She wanted so much to have bees of her own. But because her parents were allergic to bees, she was unable to realize her dream of being a beekeeper.


That changed four years ago with the support of her husband and daughter. She began by attending a local course on beekeeping to learn about the bees’ complex social structure, their pathologies, and how best to care for and protect them. Soon after, she began her life as a beekeeper with two hives. Today her bee families have increased, and she tends a large number of hives spread across the local countryside in Le Marche, Italy.


Paola’s approach to beekeeping is to tend her bee families in harmony with nature, with limited human intervention and a deep respect for the role that bees play, as pollinators, in every aspect of the ecosystem. Paola believes her role as a beekeeper is to provide the best and most diverse forests and fields for her bees, to safeguard their health, and to obtain an uncontaminated, truly natural honey that evokes the local flora surrounding her hives.

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