Moraiolo from Agostino Salmareggi - OLIOVETO
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Moraiolo Farmers

Tenute Salmareggi from Umbria, Italy

The owners of Tenute Salmareggi wonder – “Since when does an olive oil make your face shine?”


And, they answer that question with this –  “The author of psalm 104 might be the right person to ask, because in verses 14 and 15, where he writes:

He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivate – bringing forth food from the earth: wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine, and bread that sustains their heart.


What did he mean? Was he referring to olive oil as fuel for lighting? Or as ointment for body care? Or simply as foodstuff? We don’t actually know the right answer, but we fully share this statement every time we taste our extra virgin olive oil: whether it’s a slice of bread or a gourmet meal makes no difference– they both show it’s not just a salad dressing!”


They are the last generation of a farming family living in Umbria for centuries. Their ancestors devoted themselves to olive growing on their estates near Assisi, Spello, Foligno and Trevi. Over the years they faced several ups and downs and transformations as the entire sector underwent significant change. Today they are taking up the challenges of the present moment, staying loyal to their roots where they always find the right inspiration to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil.


They are very passionate about their Moraiolo olives and the EVOO they create from those olives. Their farm is located in tenuta dei Cappuccini, in the P.D.O. area called Colli Assisi Spoleto. There are about 4,000 trees, mostly over 100 years old, on a half-moon shaped land 300 metres above sea level, near the town of Foligno. This is in one of the most beautiful areas of Umbria, Italy. Their favorite part of their Cappuccini property is the Chiusa dei frati. It is close to the northwestern border, just below the convent of the Franciscan Capuchin Friars. Good sun exposure, a gentle slope, well-drained soil, and well-spaced trees – mostly of the Moraiolo variety – allow them to obtain the best olive oils for the harvest. I Frati is the name they gave for their single-varietal extra virgin olive oil. Their olives are harvested at the onset of ripening, following practices that allow them to bring out the best characteristics of the Moraiolo. This extra virgin olive oil is their product of excellence: with its strong personality, it requires a position of honor amongst their oils.

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