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Our business began as an idea after spending a year living in the Le Marche region of Italy with my sister-in-law, Amy.  She had bought a small farm with 200-year-old olive trees that had been abandoned as younger generations moved to the cities in search of new opportunities.  We had come to Italy to help Amy with all of her harvests before moving there, and we loved the farm, the trees, the rhythm of life, her commitment to forgoing chemicals, and of course, the utterly mind-bending taste of her olive oil.


Because most of the extra virgin olive oil we can buy in the United States is either adulterated (blended with seed oils or with old olive oil) or is more than a year old, we had never tasted anything like Amy’s oil straight from the olive mill.  The world shifted, and we could no longer go back to the olive oil available in stores.


In Italy, we quickly made friends with many of Amy’s fellow dedicated farmers and soon realized that these small, lovely, organic olive farms and producers were, in many cases, disappearing.  With cheap, adulterated olive oils flooding the market both in Italy and the United States, farmers producing real extra virgin olive oils could not compete, and some chose to abandon their olive groves or harvest only enough for their families’ needs.


Olioveto was born from the idea of paying a fair price for the quality olive oils and foods these farmers produce so that they can continue to farm and provide us with their incomparable products.  We also are dedicated to ensuring that you, our customers, know where your food comes from through our personal relationships with our farmers.  We guarantee that all of our olive oils and products are of the highest quality, and we want you to know the farmers who produce them, all with the goal of enabling our farmers to thrive and providing you with the best olive oil and foods that their farms have to offer.


Connect with us today at info@olioveto.com

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